Undoubtedly writing, and to be more specific quality writing is the only way which can send you massive traffic so in this post we going to discuss the points that should be kept in mind while writing a ideal blog post.Being the fresh entrant to blogosphere most of newbie bloggers don’t pay heed to content because they are generally unacquainted of the fact that how critical it is; but blogging is not as easy as pie.
1. Draw a rough sketch of your ideas
Before writing a post think distinctly on which subject you want to write and what you want to write, after choosing the subject think of a good title which could attract visitors take a while and choose your topic wisely.Then after choosing a topic and labeling it with a appropriate title; then construct a rough sketch of your post mentally or on paper in any way you feel comfortable so that while writing the post you don’t have to walk like a turtle so for swift and smooth writing plan everything before actually writing the post.Now that your ideas are ready and organized you may proceed and write you post but again let me remind you that your ideas and content should be unique and not copied , so think of a fresh idea always.
2. Write in simple language
Try and Write in simple and lucid language so that visitors can actually understand what you want to express. write straight to the point don’t beat around the bush, because no one wants to waste time  in this running world so always try to be on point, write short and useful,always bear in mind that for a visitors nothing is more momentous than useful content contrary to this many bloggers waste all their time in designing the blog instead of writing the quality content.
3. Write your post in organized manner

Write your post in organized manner, so that visitors could read your content  with ease, use appropriate font and font size , use pictures and videos in your post corresponding to your topic.Avoid silly grammatical mistakes and check your post thoroughly before publishing it , so that you may amend your mistakes if any.

4. Make your post SEO friendly
Now that your post deserve to be read , you may want search engines to hear your voice to do that you have to make search engines your friend technically you have to make your post SEO friendly and I will tell you how to do that I will be sharing some new tips in a separate post but for now the only tip I can give is you is that use the synonyms of words present in your title as much as you can, because google lists those page high which has searched keyword maximum time in post.For more traffic tips you might want to read : How to get blog traffic
5. Conclusion
Now that you know how to write a fully optimized and SEO friendly post, we can conclude  that Quality content is must for massive traffic , first priority of a blogger should be quality content later you can touch other things, so from today onwards don’t take content lightly because it could bring you lot of visitors.