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How to Fly With Your Dog?

Tip # 1: Check with your airline if it is ok for your k9 to sit with you in the cabin during the trip. Normally only small dogs with a weight not over 4 kg have permission to travel with their masters inside.

Unfortunately for big dogs it is in the bunker with the luggage. Even if the bunker is a ventilated, heated place it is still mandatory for some companies to make sure that your pup doesn’t have any health problems.

Tip # 2: Before buying your trip tickest, check with the company about the different prices for a dog placed in the cabin and in the baggage area.

Tip # 3: If your dog is in the baggage area, make sure the transport box meets the necessary standards . In addition, be aware that your pet will not be able to leave the portable cage for the duration of the flight. A few months before embarking, it is vital to teach your dog to get used to his transport case so that it does not associate it as a place of discomfort.  A good case to buy would be the impact case collapsible dog crate which can be found here –

dog on planeTip # 4: Learn how to feed and give water to your dog during the trip. Also consider any accidents that could happen such as defecating or vomiting in the cabin or in the hold.

Tip # 5: If your dog is nervous or aggressive , you should consult a professional veterinarian to prescribe a suitable drug to keep them calm.

Tip # 6: Ask your company if there are any dog breeds that are accepted or denied. It also possible that some airlines dont like certain breeds such as the Pug, Pitbulls because of issues.

Tip # 7: Check the weather to find out the time of your destination as it is a possibility that your dog is completely shocked by the sudden change.

Tip # 8: For prevention, do not forget to buy insurance a few weeks before the flight for your dog. Without trying to scare you, there have already been problems such as deaths.

Tips # 9: Check in advance all the regulations at your destination such as quarantine accompanied by costs or territories at risk such as rabies policies.

Tip # 10: If your dog is traveling in the cargo hold, arrange for a solid, ventilated and escape proof transport box so that it can be as comfortable as possible.

There you have it.  Follow these tips and you will be good.


Caring for Fish

When caring for fish it’s important to feed them correctly and on time.  Failure to do so can have consequences that are very bad for the health of your pet.  Make sure that you do your research on the species of fish that you have so you can get the food that is ideal for that specific kind.

The first step is to start with a quick google search on that species to see what kind of food is ideal.  There are omnivore, herbivore and carnivore fish and they all need different amounts of protein and other nutrients in their diet.  Some exotic species of aquarium fish require special diets that are more challenging to put together.

When you get to the pet store the first thing you will want to do is read the label and determine the protein content and nutrient percentage of that food.  The research that you did earlier will come in handy here and help you to make the best choice.  Most of the time the labels will make your job easy and have options like “betta food” and “koi food”.

The 4 main types of food that you will encounter at the store are: flake, grain, wafer and tablet.  The most popular type for aquarium fish is flake, whereas pellet food is more ideal for pond fish.

Omnivore fish like goldfish require a diet that is about 30% protein and like flake food because it floats at the surface and is easy for them to catch.

Another important point when feeding fish is to make sure that the portions are the right size. An auto feeder can solve this problem as it is programmable to the size that you want. Check out this link for automatic feeder advice.


Important Traveling Tips For The Philippines

So, I’m from NC.  I decided that since I’ve been traveling for years now that I should write an article about these foreign countries I’ve been to.



These days, it is possible to fly to anywhere on the planet within twenty-four hours, and one destination that has become increasingly popular is the Philippines. Situated in Southeast Asia, this is a gem that is just waiting to be discovered. It consists of over seven thousand islands and all of them are located in a tropical climate. Many of these islands are tropical paradises with small populations, if any. This means there is a lot of choice. For those who like buzzing metropolises, there is Manila, and for those who enjoy beaches, Boracay is the destination.

As the Philippines is located between Taiwan and Indonesia, it means that the only way to get there is by flying. This means a few hours in the air, even if taking-off from Singapore or Hong Kong. Most tourists come from much further afield, such as the USA and Europe. To ensure that the travelling is enjoyable, there are a number of travelling tips that can be used when going to the Philippines.

girls in uniform in CebuFilipina Girls

The girls in the Philippines are amazing.  They are basically half Asian and half American.  It’s really wild how they look and how they act.  They do everything that you could possibly want them to do if your’e on vacation!  It’s pretty cool to just hop on a dating site and have 30 girls message you within an hour.  That’s actually what happened when I was there and after the first time I made a profile.  There is a review of Filipino Cupid that will explain all of that to you as well.  Get out of here and go look at it.  All I can do is tell you.


The first of these is to take great care when booking a flight. Many people tend to use comparison sites, and then opt for the cheapest available flight. This is not always the best option. A lot of flights to the Philippines can mean changing planes en-route. If a direct flight is not available, then never select a journey that involves more than one stopover. Also, stopovers need to be kept to between one and half hours to four hours. Any shorter, and problems can occur with delays with the first flight, longer and the journey can become a chore.

Driving in the Philippinesnormal day driving in the philippines

There is usually some confusion with driving in the Philippines, as an international driving license is required under international law. However, authorities in the Philippines now accept normal driving licenses as long it the driver comes from a western country. If hiring a car, it is always best to check with the car rental company in advance if they require an international driving license.

Always get the appropriate travel insurance when booking the journey, do not leave it till just before the vacation. It is not a good idea to rely on the travel insurance offered by many credit cards, as they have very limited cover. For those people with pre-existing medical conditions, it is essential to include these on the policy, otherwise the cover could be voided. Medical costs, such as a hospital stay, can be very expensive, people with no or incorrect insurance cover have found themselves owing hundreds of thousands. Hospital release is not allowed in the Philippines until the bill has been settled.

Travelling to the Philippines can take a long time compared with other destinations, but for a truly unique Asian experience, it is well worth it. The people are all very friendly, speak English, and the culture is one of patience and understanding. The above tips will ensure a more enjoyable journey to this wonderful destination, and one that will be remembered for a very long time.

Finding The Costs For Plumbing Jobs

This website is about interacting on the web so I thought I’d share this from a local plumbing company out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Articles like this are a prime example of a perfect way to interact with customers on the net.


Home repairs are always a troubling situation. This is because they’re difficult to plan for. You can’t exactly plan for something to break down, after all. It breaks when it breaks, and then you have to figure out how to put it back together. This gets even more stressful when it’s an emergency situation.



One of the most stressful emergency situations is plumbing repair. A house needs running water, both for waste removal and just for general survival. Without clean, running water, it doesn’t take very long before a person’s quality of life massively degrades. That means when the plumbing breaks down, you have to get someone there as quickly as possible. This can lead to paying far more for a plumbing job than it’s generally worth. Certainly, getting an emergency plumber out to your house is going to cost more than doing the job under non-emergency situations, but that doesn’t stop some plumbing companies from charging even more than is reasonable.


Plumbing Costs for a leak



Is there a way to avoid that? How can you figure out the costs for plumbing jobs if all you have are emergency situations? Luckily, there are a few things you can do. They all require paying attention and doing things ahead of time. However, if you’re willing to do a little research and a bit of planning, you can make sure you keep your costs low.



First and foremost, you need to do some research ahead of time. It’s always a good idea to do the occasional search for the costs of plumbing jobs. That way, you have an idea of what the most common plumbing jobs in your area will cost. Not every place will charge the same, but you’ll find that many places in the same area will charge similar amounts. You can find this information simply by heading to the internet and checking some various business websites. Most companies are happy to tell you about their prices if you only check.



The second thing you should do is make sure to get plumbing jobs done when it’s not an emergency situation. It may be helpful to have a plumber come out and check your pipes every six months to a year. That way, the plumber can spot any potential problems before they become major problems. It’s much easier to fix a small job than to come in and fix an emergency job, after all. In addition, by getting a plumbing check up regularly, you’ll be able to plan ahead and save up the necessary money. That way, you won’t have to worry about having to pay one huge sum all at once, whether you have the money or not.



Ultimately, paying the right costs for plumbing jobs involves simply planning ahead. If you leave things off until it’s an emergency situation, then you’re going to suffer a little bit. To avoid that suffering, you have to do your research and make sure that you’re planning ahead. That way, you’ll know what to look forward to.

Prevent duplicate content by blocking archives from search engines

Duplicate content refers to blocks of content that either matches other content or considerably similar,duplicate content also refers to content that appears on more than one web page(URL), within the same web site or blog. When multiple pages within a web site or blog contain essentially the same content, search engines such as Google can penalize/not display that site in any relevant search results.In this post we gonna discuss about duplicate content and also about how you can prevent duplicate content to make search engines happy.
Duplicate Content’s effect on Search engines
It is indeed difficult for search engines to decide which version is more relevant to a given search query as both the contents or pages are similar.To provide the best search experience, search engines generally avoid to show multiple duplicate blocks of content and thus, are forced to choose which version is most likely to be the original.This could affect your impression on search engines,of course this is not SEO best practice so you would like to avoid it.
Preventing duplicate content in blogger
In Blogger Archives can cause duplicate content and you will never notice it unless you dig deep into SEO .But fortunately there is a simple fix for duplicate content in blogger due to Archives.
Undoubtedly writing, and to be more specific quality writing is the only way which can send you massive traffic so in this post we going to discuss the points that should be kept in mind while writing a ideal blog post.Being the fresh entrant to blogosphere most of newbie bloggers don’t pay heed to content because they are generally unacquainted of the fact that how critical it is; but blogging is not as easy as pie.
1. Draw a rough sketch of your ideas
Before writing a post think distinctly on which subject you want to write and what you want to write, after choosing the subject think of a good title which could attract visitors take a while and choose your topic wisely.Then after choosing a topic and labeling it with a appropriate title; then construct a rough sketch of your post mentally or on paper in any way you feel comfortable so that while writing the post you don’t have to walk like a turtle so for swift and smooth writing plan everything before actually writing the post.Now that your ideas are ready and organized you may proceed and write you post but again let me remind you that your ideas and content should be unique and not copied , so think of a fresh idea always.
2. Write in simple language
Try and Write in simple and lucid language so that visitors can actually understand what you want to express. write straight to the point don’t beat around the bush, because no one wants to waste time  in this running world so always try to be on point, write short and useful,always bear in mind that for a visitors nothing is more momentous than useful content contrary to this many bloggers waste all their time in designing the blog instead of writing the quality content.
3. Write your post in organized manner

Write your post in organized manner, so that visitors could read your content  with ease, use appropriate font and font size , use pictures and videos in your post corresponding to your topic.Avoid silly grammatical mistakes and check your post thoroughly before publishing it , so that you may amend your mistakes if any.

4. Make your post SEO friendly
Now that your post deserve to be read , you may want search engines to hear your voice to do that you have to make search engines your friend technically you have to make your post SEO friendly and I will tell you how to do that I will be sharing some new tips in a separate post but for now the only tip I can give is you is that use the synonyms of words present in your title as much as you can, because google lists those page high which has searched keyword maximum time in post.For more traffic tips you might want to read : How to get blog traffic
5. Conclusion
Now that you know how to write a fully optimized and SEO friendly post, we can conclude  that Quality content is must for massive traffic , first priority of a blogger should be quality content later you can touch other things, so from today onwards don’t take content lightly because it could bring you lot of visitors.

Facebook launches App Center

Facebook, yesterday launched App center for its billions of users as announced in a late blog post from facebook. App center is basically like Apple’s app store where you can find your favorite apps and games.With App center you can enjoy your apps and games online and also you can send and install apps on your mobile currently only Android and iOS  are supported.

As announced facebook will give you personalized recommendations , and will let you browser the apps your friends use.Not all the apps will make the cut as facebook will  only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app.You can send apps you find on your computer to your mobile device using the new “Send to Mobile” feature. If a mobile app requires a download, you’ll be sent to install it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Drag-drop Facebook Friend List like Google+ Circles

Recently a  group of facebook engineers have developed a new app called “Circle Hack”.With this app facebook users can organize their friend lists like the google plus users can create circles,website unambiguously states that it is not affiliated with facebook,the app has been written in JavaScript and source has been provided on their website.But facebook users may find this app useful because On Facebook, the process of creating a friends list is a little lengthy as compare to google plus,but finally facebook users have a alternative now,and its completely on them which method they want to follow.

Drag and Drop Friends to create New list
  1. To use this app simply go to CIRCLE HACK website and click on facebook login button 
  2. Facebook due to security purpose will nudge a popup box, click Log in with Facebook
  3. Now that you have logged in you will see your friend lists, and some circles at the bottom you just have to drag your friends into those circles.Now if your want to create a new list then drag your friends into circle which says Drag here to create new list,and if your want to append your previous list then you can drag your friends into appropriate circle.
  4. If you are creating  a fresh new list then you would see a link which says create new link ,click it

    (If you are creating new list)         (Appending previous list)

  5. To remove friends from list just dram them out
Now when you will see your friend list from your facebook account you will see the friend list you just created with Circle Hack , the tool is working perfectly fine and I think many facebook users may find this tool useful as one can use it with ease as it is user-friendly, ad-free and easy to navigate.That’s it for this post till next post Peace!!