Drag-drop Facebook Friend List like Google+ Circles

Recently a  group of facebook engineers have developed a new app called “Circle Hack”.With this app facebook users can organize their friend lists like the google plus users can create circles,website unambiguously states that it is not affiliated with facebook,the app has been written in JavaScript and source has been provided on their website.But facebook users may find this app useful because On Facebook, the process of creating a friends list is a little lengthy as compare to google plus,but finally facebook users have a alternative now,and its completely on them which method they want to follow.

Drag and Drop Friends to create New list
  1. To use this app simply go to CIRCLE HACK website and click on facebook login button 
  2. Facebook due to security purpose will nudge a popup box, click Log in with Facebook
  3. Now that you have logged in you will see your friend lists, and some circles at the bottom you just have to drag your friends into those circles.Now if your want to create a new list then drag your friends into circle which says Drag here to create new list,and if your want to append your previous list then you can drag your friends into appropriate circle.
  4. If you are creating  a fresh new list then you would see a link which says create new link ,click it

    (If you are creating new list)         (Appending previous list)

  5. To remove friends from list just dram them out
Now when you will see your friend list from your facebook account you will see the friend list you just created with Circle Hack , the tool is working perfectly fine and I think many facebook users may find this tool useful as one can use it with ease as it is user-friendly, ad-free and easy to navigate.That’s it for this post till next post Peace!!